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Share your knowledge , It’s a way to achieve immortality. ~Dalai Lama~

Its Helwan University | ACM Student Chapter time to Start its First Step to Achieve immortality , and its your time to be a part of this family and Conquer the Universe in ACM's Way  

Helwan University | ACM Student Chapter is Chartered and Supported by the ACM organization-the world’s largest educational and scientific society , it is a nonprofit organization managed by a group of Helwan University students from different faculties & different academic years.  winklaugh


► When was the establishment of the 1st Student Chapter ?
Student chapters were authorized by the ACM in 1961; the first ACM Student Chapter was chartered at the University of Southwestern Louisiana.


► Why Belong to an ACM Student Chapter?

♦ Professional contacts: Activities of student chapters, such as lecturer appearances and chapter participation at any of the numerous conferences, afford the opportunity to meet distinguished computing professionals. cool

♦ Technical and professional growth: Student chapter sponsorship of, or participation in, programs consisting of papers, debates, panel discussions and forums provide clear opportunity for augmented learning and development. cool

 Development of leadership capabilities: Opportunities for development and demonstration of leadership capabilities abound in the formation, growth, and sustenance of a student chapter. In addition to the various chapter offices, there are opportunities for chairing committees, conferences or symposium, organizing programming contests, coordinating professional development seminars, and leading panel discussions and round tables, to name just a few. cool

♦ Career development: The chapter can help its members select and prepare for a careers by creating a chapter newsletter, career-day programs, and graduate school forums. In addition, the student chapter can help locate and organize summer opportunities and internships by working with the department and career center to find and fill part-time and summer employment opportunities. cool

♦ Events: Setting up an Events presents an opportunity to develop contacts as well as organizational skills. cool

♦ Representation in the Association: A student chapter acting as a group, through the Chapters Advisory Committee, may influence ACM Organization activities or policy and, therefore, the profession. cool


 Other Benefits For ACM Student Chapter Members :- 

♦ Complimentary Subscription to Communications - Chapter Members are eligible for a three-month complimentary electronic subscription to ACM’s flagship publication Communications of the ACM. 

♦ email address – Chapter members are eligible for an “” email forwarding address with filtering.

♦ Receipt of ACM’s Popular E-Newsletters – TechNews, the latest news in computing, 3x weekly; CareerNews, the latest career and industry news, bi-monthly; and MemberNet, all about ACM people and events monthly.

♦ A full-year electronic subscription to XRDS, ACM's Student Magazine

♦ ACM Student Quick Takes (SQT) a quarterly email newsletter with each issue highlighting ACM activities, programs, and offerings of interest.

Now you know what is  Helwan University | ACM Student Chapter , First ACM Student Chapter , Why to belong to ACM Student Chapter & The Benefits of the Student Chapter Members 

So Now We are ready laughwink

We are Proudly Announcing that We Are Recruiting ✌ ✌ wink

► Offices :-
Secretary Office Job Description :

Treasure Office Job Description :

Multimedia Office Job Description :

Technical Support Office Job Description :

Web Master Office Job Description :

Public Relations Office Job Description :

Decoration & Logistics Office Job Description :

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Thursday, September 10, 2015 - 5:00pm to Tuesday, September 22, 2015 - 12:00am